Function and application of white vaseline

White vaseline is a mineral wax. It is an additional mineral oil extracted from petroleum products. It mainly has the function of moisturizing.

White vaseline can be used as lip balm and hand cream, and can also be used for facial care. It is a very good moisturizing product. White vaseline will also exist in too many medical devices, because it can protect extremely precision and prevent rust. It can also be used as softener for rubber products.

Function and application of white vaseline

What is white vaseline:

Petrolatum is a semi-liquid mixture of alkanes or saturated hydrocarbons, also known as Vaseline, which is prepared after petroleum fractionation. Its state is between solid and liquid at room temperature. It has three colors of brown, yellow and white for different purposes. White petrolatum is white vaseline. The chemical inertia of white vaseline makes it non irritating to any type of skin.

Function and application of white vaseline

Use of white vaseline:

1. White petrolatum contains oil and grease. In dry season, Vaseline is used as a lipstick before going to bed. It can restore your lips to moisturizing luster.

2. White vaseline is effective in treating skin cracks and can protect skin.

3. When the skin feels dry, you can wipe your face with white vaseline. Very dry skin, neutral skin, mixed skin and sensitive skin can be used as a face cream without adding flavoring preservatives in dry weather.

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