Is fresh day lily poisonous

Fresh day lily is poisonous. The stamens of fresh cauliflower contain a substance called colchicine, which is converted from colchicine to oxycolchicine in the human body and causes poisoning. Fresh cauliflower should be treated at a high temperature above 60 ℃ or soaked in cold water. When eating, blanch it in boiling water for a longer time to avoid poisoning. Long time drying can also destroy colchicine.

Is fresh day lily poisonous

Edible value:

1. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cauliflower is flat in nature, sweet in taste and slightly bitter. It belongs to the liver, spleen and kidney channels; It has the effects of clearing heat and diuresis, detoxifying and detumescence, hemostasis and removing annoyance, broadening chest and diaphragm, nourishing blood and calming liver, promoting water and milk, benefiting pharynx and chest, clearing damp heat, hair milk and so on.

2. Cauliflower is rich in lecithin, which is a component of brain cells. It plays an important role in enhancing and improving brain function. At the same time, it can remove deposits in arteries and has special effects on symptoms such as inattention, memory loss, cerebral artery obstruction and so on.

3. Cauliflower not only contains aspartate and other components, but also has the functions of hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, diuresis, strengthening stomach, calming nerves and so on. Its flowers, stems, leaves and roots can be used as medicine. Its root end is used to stew meat or chicken, which has a good effect on the treatment of anemia and senile dizziness.

Is fresh day lily poisonous

Food taboos:

1. Do not eat fresh

Fresh cauliflower is not edible. It contains colchicine, which is non-toxic in itself, but it will oxidize into other toxic substances after entering the human body, which will affect human health and even cause death in serious cases.

2. Don't eat too much

Fresh day lily contains a "colchicine" substance. Although it is non-toxic, it is oxidized to "diccolchicine" in the body through gastrointestinal absorption, which has great toxicity. So when eating fresh food, don't eat more each time.

3. Avoid food for specific groups

Although cauliflower has a variety of nutrients, it is harmful to specific people. For example, people with itchy skin can't eat, otherwise it will aggravate the degree of itching. Asthma patients should not eat. This is a damp and hot food, which will aggravate the condition. People with phlegm should not eat. The part they eat is flowers, which may contain pollen, which will aggravate symptoms. In addition, patients with gastrointestinal diseases should not eat it.

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