The difference between arowana and Bassa fish

The differences between arowana and Bassa fish are:

1. Different origin

Arowana is a kind of marine fish. It is mostly produced in the ocean and is widely produced in China's coastal areas. Bashar fish is a freshwater fish. This fish is mainly produced in the freshwater of Southeast Asia. It is a kind of catfish.

2. Different fat content

There is almost no fat under the skin of Longli fish, while there is thick fat between the skin and muscle of Bassa fish, and these fats are mainly saturated fatty acids.

The difference between arowana and Bassa fish

3. Different appearance

The balsamic fish living in nature are relatively large, while the arowana is relatively small, and most of them do not have flat leaves. If fresh balsamic fish and arowana are put together, people can see the difference between them at a glance.

4. Different prices

The price of arowana is much higher than that of Bassa fish, and much higher than that of general fish products.

The difference between arowana and Bassa fish

How to distinguish between arowana and Bassa fish:

1. Look at the thickness: the arowana itself is a kind of aquatic food material with relatively thin meat. The arowana obtained after deep processing is also relatively thin, while the Bassa fish is a kind of marine fish with thick meat, and the fish willow obtained after processing will be relatively thick.

2. Look at the appearance color: the appearance color of arowana is mostly gray, but its meat is mostly light pink, while the color of Bassa fish is relatively white.

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