Can I still use my bank card when my ID card expires

The expiration of the ID card has an impact on the use of the bank card, because after the expiration of the ID card, the current status of the bank card will be displayed as abnormal. If the identity information needs to be verified for the business handled, this type of business will not be handled successfully. However, the deposit and withdrawal function of the bank card is still normal and unaffected.

Can I still use my bank card when my ID card expires

Business not affected: deposit and remittance, ordinary withdrawal, transfer out, online payment, card consumption, online banking and mobile banking login.

Business that will affect: the self service business and counter, VTM and other ID cards that need to enter ID number. For example, opening / closing the following functions will be affected: online payment, transfer and remittance, settlement and sales of foreign exchange through self-service channels, overseas remittance through self-service channels, large cash withdrawal at the counter, etc.

Can I still use my bank card when my ID card expires

Most banks stipulate that there is a three-month change period after the expiration of the ID card (because it takes time to change the ID card). If it exceeds three months, all your business processing will be terminated. It is recommended that you go to the bank counter to update the certificate information before the ID card is about to expire, so as not to affect the normal use of the bank card.

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