Can an uncut knife pass the security check

No. It is forbidden to carry any sharp or blunt instrument that can cause stabbing, cutting, scratching, chopping, etc. The control tool is not only based on the sharpness, but also on the length, material and tip angle.

Controlled knives include dagger, triangular knife, spring knife with locking device (jumping knife), and other similar single edge and double edge knives. In addition, kitchen knives, knives, slaughtering knives, axes and other sharp and blunt tools that may endanger the personal safety of passengers cannot pass the security check.

Can an uncut knife pass the security check

According to the standard for identification of controlled cutting tools issued by the Ministry of public security, those who meet one of the following standards can be identified as controlled cutting tools.

1. Dagger: single edge, double edge or multi edge knife with handle, blade lattice and blood groove and tip angle less than 60 degrees;

2. Three edge scraper: a machining tool with three blades;

3. Spring knife with self-locking device (jumping knife): after the knife body is expanded or ejected, the self-locking folding knife can be fixed by the spring or lock in the knife handle;

Can an uncut knife pass the security check

4. Other similar single edge, double edge and triangular sharp knives: all kinds of single edge, double edge and multi edge knives with a tip angle of less than 60 degrees and a blade length of more than 150 mm;

5. Other single edge, double edge and multi edge tools with a tip angle greater than 60 degrees and a blade length of more than 220 mm.

In case of illegal carrying, a fine or detention will be imposed in accordance with Article 32 of the law of the people's Republic of China on the administration of public security.

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