What traditional food does Liqiu eat

There are many traditional foods to eat at the beginning of autumn, such as eggplant, watermelon, meat, slag, autumn peach, dew, small red beans, etc.

The beginning of autumn is the 13th of the 24 solar terms, the first solar term in autumn and the starting point of autumn. The beginning of autumn is the node where Yang Qi gradually recedes and Yin Qi gradually grows, and gradually changes from Yang Sheng to Yin Sheng.

What traditional food does Liqiu eat

1. Eating eggplant at the beginning of autumn originated from the Ming Dynasty. In order to reward soldiers, it has been handed down that eggplant with meat feeling is used instead.

2. In the south of the Yangtze River, there is a custom of eating watermelon at the beginning of autumn. Leaving the seeds to burn in the stove can avoid the plague for a year.

3. Old Beijing has the habit of eating meat with autumn fat. Most of them choose stewed food, such as braised meat.

4. Eating "dregs" in Shandong Liqiu is a kind of bean curd ground with bean foam and green vegetables, which has a good effect on preventing diarrhea.

What traditional food does Liqiu eat

5. There is a habit of drinking "autumn water" in Sichuan. On this day, a small drink of dew can eliminate the summer heat and avoid diarrhea in autumn.

6. Eat autumn peaches. At the beginning of autumn, adults and children should eat autumn peaches, one for each. After eating, keep the core. Wait until new year's Eve, throw the peach stones into the stove and burn them to ashes. People think that this can avoid the plague for a year.

7. Eating small red beans, from the Tang and Song Dynasties, in the beginning of autumn, it is the custom to take small red beans with well water. Take seven to fourteen small red beans and swallow them with well water, facing west. It is said that you can avoid dysentery in autumn.

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