What's mom's brother's name

Uncle. Mother's brother is also called uncle. Sometimes he will call uncle or uncle according to whether he is older or younger than his mother, and sometimes he will call uncle, second uncle and third uncle according to the ranking. Traditionally, the male line is the core, and the relatives are divided into lineal relatives, external relatives and wife relatives. Among relatives, there are specific kinship titles according to each person's generation, clan, age and gender.

What's mom's brother's name

Relatives related to female blood relatives, including relatives related to the mother and relatives related to married daughters, etc. Relatives related to the mother, such as grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Relatives associated with married daughters, such as son-in-law, grandchildren, uncle and his children, in laws, etc.

Relative name related to mother:

1. Maternal grandfather: the father of his mother is called "maternal grandfather" (the same as today), and can also be called "waiweng", "foreign adult", "family father", "master", etc.

2. Grandmother: the mother of the mother is called "grandmother", "grandmother" (the same as today), also known as "grandma", "Lao Lao", etc.

What's mom's brother's name

3. Uncle: the mother's brother is called "Uncle" in ancient and modern times. On different occasions, some modified or supplementary words can be added, such as "Uncle", "Uncle", "direct uncle", "Uncle yuan", "Uncle Tang", etc.

4. Aunt: the appellation of uncle's wife.

5. Aunt: the title of mother and sister is called "slave mother" in the pre Qin Dynasty, and "aunt" since the Qin and Han Dynasties, or "aunt", "aunt", etc.

6. Uncle: the husband of an aunt is called "Uncle" or "Uncle". Aunt's children are also called "cousins" and "cousins".

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