Flower language and moral of Little Daisy

The flower language of the little daisy is pure and beautiful love, happy every day, peace, tenacity, deeply buried love and so on. In Roman mythology, Daisy is the embodiment of bertis, the goblin in the forest. Therefore, daisies also imply happiness. People blessed by such flowers can live a bright, innocent and happy life like goblins.

The Little Daisy also implies parting. This kind of flower can often be seen at funerals, which can express a feeling of parting, as well as the yearning and nostalgia for the dead.

Flower language and moral of Little Daisy

Specific flower language:

Pure and beautiful love: the flower colors of little daisies are diverse, but the common one is pure white. White itself gives people the feeling of pure and flawless, so its flower language implies pure and beautiful love.

Happy every day: this kind of flower language comes from a legend. It is said that there is an elf who lives in the mountains and forests, and he becomes a daisy. His own temperament is naughty, giving people a feeling that he is always happy and happy, so he has this flower language.

Peace: The Little Daisy can also symbolize peace and a yearning for a better life. Many people will choose to use the Little Daisy as an apology flower, so it also has a good meaning of peaceful coexistence.

Flower language and moral of Little Daisy

Tenacious: although its pattern is small, it has the style of a gentleman. It is very beautiful at the moment of blooming, giving people a shocking feeling, so it means tenacity.

Love deeply buried in the bottom of my heart: Little Daisy has a good moral in love. Although its design and color is relatively single, it is precisely because this low-key and ordinary can symbolize the love that will never disappear in my mind.

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