What does Sao Nian mean

Sao Nian, which means "Youth", is a common Internet word. Because of the Pinyin input method, and because the word Sao Nian is more interesting, it is highly praised by many young netizens.

Another saying is that Sao Nian is a homonym for teenagers in Minnan language, which also means teenagers. Sao Nian is a word born in the modern network world, which is used to express the state that teenagers are silent and coquettish in their own world.

What does Sao Nian mean

The saying of Sao Nian comes from ridicule day by day, and the representative work is the Saint warrior Xingya, because the protagonists are allegedly 15 and 16-year-old teenagers, and the protagonists are often called by Athena. The cadence of "teenagers..." is impressive, and the voice of Japanese "Teenagers" is similar to "Sao Nian". Over time, it has been popular and widely spread by some good people on the Internet.

What does Sao Nian mean

Sao Nian also refers to a free and easy life attitude of young people, opening up their sullen psychology that they once dared not show to others. Some people are used to saying "I'm Sao Nian..." to express their free and easy attitude towards life.

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