What material is ULTEM

1. ULTEM is a polyetherimide plastic produced by general motors. 2. Polyetherimide has the best high temperature resistance and dimensional stability, as well as chemical resistance, flame retardancy, electrical properties, high strength, high rigidity and so on. 3. Pei resin can be widely used in high temperature resistant terminals, IC bases, lighting equipment, FPCB (flexible circuit board), liquid conveying equipment, aircraft internal parts, medical equipment and household appliances.

What material is ULTEM

Polyetherimide properties:

1. Polyetherimide is characterized by high strength, high rigidity, wear resistance and dimensional stability at high temperature.

2. Polyetherimide is an amber transparent solid. It has inherent flame retardancy and low smoke without adding any additives. The oxidation index is 47% and the combustion grade is ul94-v-0.

3. The density of polyetherimide is 1.28 ~ 1.42g/cm3, the glass transition temperature is 215 ℃, the thermal deformation temperature is 198 ~ 208 ℃, it can be used for a long time at 160 ~ 180 ℃, and the maximum allowable intermittent use temperature is 200 ℃.

4. Polyetherimide has excellent mechanical strength, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and molding performance; Adding glass fiber, carbon fiber or other fillers can achieve the purpose of reinforcement and modification.

What material is ULTEM

Polyetherimide properties:

Polyetherimide has a wide range of chemical resistance, including resistance to most hydrocarbons, alcohols and all halogenated solvents; It can also be resistant to inorganic acids and short-term weak bases. Polyetherimide is a good material for partial halogenated solvents. Its hydrolysis stability is very good. After soaking in boiling water for 10000 hours, its tensile strength remains more than 85%, and after 2000 steam hot pressing cycles at 270f, its tensile strength remains 100%. Polyetherimide has good UV and y-ray resistance. When processed under 400 mrad cobalt radiation, the tensile strength remains 94%.

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