What animal is Huang Jing

1. Yellow muntjac generally refers to red muntjac. Red muntjac is the largest kind of muntjac, with a body length of about 1m, a tail length of 17-21cm and a weight of 25-30kg.

2. Huang Yu is a solitary animal. It is timid and cautious. It often looks for food at night, early morning and dusk, and hides in the bushes during the day. When frightened, it can make a very loud bark similar to a dog's bark.

What animal is Huang Jing

Red muntjac is a larger species of muntjac, with a weight of 20-33 kg and a body length of about 1100 mm. The male has long, backward and inward curved two fork angles, and the length of the horn handle is the highest among muntjacs. The upper jaw has thick downward canine teeth. The frontal gland is prominent, but the lacrimal fossa is smaller than that of other deer species. There are no obvious tufts on the forehead.

What animal is Huang Jing

The range of activity of the red muntjac is very fixed. When pursued and fled, no matter how far it ran, it will finally return to its original activity area. Forests and shrubs living in low altitude mountains and hills. It feeds on plant twigs, leaves, flowers, fruits and crops. It has strong fecundity and can mate all year round. The pregnancy period is about 210 days. Each fetus produces one baby and reaches sexual maturity at the age of one year. Suede is an important raw material for leather making. It is distributed in China, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

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