What season is blueberry fruit

Blueberries are summer fruits that generally mature in mid July. Blueberry is a fruit with high nutritional value, which is known as the "king of berries". Its fruit is rich in nutrients, especially anthocyanins. Blueberries are generally divided into greenhouse off-season blueberries and open field blueberries, which are generally mature from April to June in greenhouse and from July to September in open field.

What season is blueberry fruit

Blueberry, also known as Dusi, black bean tree (Daxinganling), Dushi (Daxinganling, Yichun), Dianguo, Diguo, Longguo, hetangguo (Jilin), narisu (Mongolian language), jiute, wugete (Oroqen language), etc., is a perennial low shrub of blueberry in Rhododendron family. It is native to North America and East Asia, distributed in North Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Europe, North America, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin Changbai Mountain and other countries and regions in China, and grows at an altitude of 900 ~ 2300m.

What season is blueberry fruit

How to choose blueberries:

When selecting blueberries, it depends on whether their fruits are uniform and full. Then there will be a layer of white frost on its skin, which is a protective layer formed by the blueberry itself in the process of growth. The more complete the white frost is, the better the quality of the blueberry.

If blueberries smell rotten, don't buy them no matter how cheap they are. It's not only a waste of money, but also bad to eat. Fresh blueberries smell faint. Such blueberries are fresh and taste better.

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