Does a hedgehog have a tail

A hedgehog has a tail. In addition to its belly, a hedgehog has hard spines all over its body, and its short tail is also buried in thorns. It is difficult to find if you don't pay attention to observation. When it is in danger, it will roll into a ball with thorns. Its shape and gentle character are very cute. Some species are only slightly larger than the palm of the hand, so it is raised as a pet in Australia.

Does a hedgehog have a tail

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Hedgehog is a mammal of Hedgehog family. Hedgehogs are fat and short, with sharp claws, small eyes, short hair, covered with short and dense thorns, covered with thorns on the back and side of the body, and hairy on the head, tail and abdomen; The mouth is pointed and long, and the tail is short; The forefoot and hindfoot all have 5 toes, the metatarsal line, and the forefoot of a few species has 4 toes; It is suitable for insectivory. When frightened, the thorns stand up all over the body and roll into a thorn ball, and the head and 4 feet are not visible.

Does a hedgehog have a tail

Hedgehog is a very lonely animal. Living in the Bush, it is timid and easy to be frightened. It likes quiet and hates noise. It likes darkness and is afraid of light, heat and cold. Hedgehogs are slow-moving and usually come out at night. Hedgehogs dig holes as nests. They hide in the nest during the day and come out after dusk.

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