Starting and ending points of provincial highway 214

The starting point of provincial highway 214 ends at Yongning bridge, Haishu District, Ningbo, and ends at the roundabout of national highway 104, Linhai City. The total length is 154.7 kilometers, including 5.7 kilometers in Haishu District, 15.9 kilometers in Yinzhou District, 27.7 kilometers in Fenghua district and 57 kilometers in Ninghai County. In the provincial highway network, it has provincial political, economic and national defense significance, and is determined as a provincial trunk highway through the unified planning of the province, city and autonomous region.

Starting and ending points of provincial highway 214

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Highways are divided into national roads, provincial roads, county roads and township roads according to their administrative levels. Expressways can be national roads, provincial roads, county roads, or even township roads. National highways can also be expressways, first-class highways, second-class highways, third-class highways, or even fourth-class highways.

Provincial roads shall be built, maintained and managed by the highway departments of the whole province (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government). The trans provincial expressways in the national highway shall be built, maintained and managed by special institutions approved by the Ministry of communications.

Starting and ending points of provincial highway 214

Rules for road numbering according to its administrative level, China's roads are mainly divided into national roads (including national trunk roads), provincial roads and county roads. The national, provincial and County Chinese pinyin initials g, s and X are used as their respective identifiers, and the identifiers plus numbers form the number.

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