Where is the origin of Jiannanchun

Jiannanchun is produced in Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province. Because Mianzhu belonged to Jiannanchun road in the Tang Dynasty, it is called "Jiannanchun". It is the only Chinese famous wine recorded in the official history of modern China, and also the only surviving famous liquor of the Tang Dynasty in China. Its traditional brewing technology is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.

Where is the origin of Jiannanchun

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Mianzhu County in Sichuan is known as the "wine town". Mianzhu County is named for producing bamboo and wine. Jiannan Shaochun, a famous liquor as early as the Tang Dynasty, is a tribute to the royal family and is known as "Jiannan tribute wine". Mianzhu was called "Jiannanchun" because it belonged to Jiannanchun road in the Tang Dynasty.

Jiannanchun is a traditional famous liquor in Mianzhu City. It is brewed with sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, corn and wheat as raw materials. It is colorless and transparent, fragrant, mellow and sweet, clear and refreshing, with a long aftertaste. It has a unique aroma of Qu liquor. There are three kinds of liquor degrees of 60, 52 and 38. It is one of the famous wines in China.

Where is the origin of Jiannanchun

In 2008, the traditional brewing technique of Jiannanchun wine was selected as a national intangible cultural heritage and ranked as one of the "double national treasures" of Jiannanchun.

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