What season is the golden wind

It's autumn. Golden wind: refers to the wind in autumn. In ancient times, yin and Yang and five elements were used to explain the season. Autumn is golden. The golden wind brings coolness, which means: the autumn wind brings coolness.

Autumn is one of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the meteorological sense, the autumn in the north temperate zone is from August 23 (summer vacation) to November 20 (light snow); The autumn of the southern temperate zone is from February 19 (rain in the northern hemisphere) to May 21 (little full in the northern hemisphere).

What season is the golden wind

Extended data:

Autumn is the harvest season. Many plants mature in autumn. In the subtropical region of the northern hemisphere, the temperature in autumn decreases significantly compared with summer. As the temperature drops, the leaves of many deciduous perennial plants will gradually change color, wither and fall, leaving only the branches and stems to spend the winter. The annual herbs will come to the end of their life, wither and die.

What season is the golden wind

It can be seen from the distribution map of autumn beginning date in China that northeast China is the place where autumn beginning came the earliest in eastern China. In autumn, the cold air in the North continues to invade, but its power is not very strong. It often forms a clear and crisp autumn weather in the north of China, and there is often continuous autumn rain in Western China.

The temperature will drop gradually in autumn, but it is generally slower than that in winter. Due to the difference of dry and wet conditions, cold and rainy weather or dry and cool weather conditions will occur in different areas. In the colder late autumn, due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the water vapor transpiration during the day will condense at night, either dew or frost.

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