What is Sangui mountain in the palace

Wangfu sanguishan is a dietary supplement. It belongs to a special nutritional tonic, also known as sanguishan Huaifu Huling ointment.

It is made of a variety of food materials. It has the characteristics of comprehensive nutrition and high safety. It can regulate the body for a long time without dependence and side effects. However, this product is more suitable for adults. Pregnant women and lactating female friends can't use it.

What is Sangui mountain in the palace


Improve body immunity: sanguishan, the royal residence, has the function of improving body immunity, because the nutritional value of this product is very rich, which can quickly supplement the needs of the body, enhance the function of the immune system, and better fight against bacteria and viruses.

What is Sangui mountain in the palace

Invigorating yang and tonifying the kidney: the effect of Anyang tonifying the kidney in Sangui mountain of the royal residence is also very good. Now many people have the problem of kidney deficiency. Using this product can strengthen the kidney, prevent the occurrence of kidney diseases, and help male friends adjust their order.

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