What is the function of cupping

Cupping has the functions of passing meridians, promoting qi and blood, eliminating carbuncle and swelling and dispersing wind and cold. Cupping is to ignite the fire through fuel oil, so that the high temperature in the cupping can be generated instantly, and then apply it on the surface of the skin to make the local skin congested or even blood stasis, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

What is the function of cupping

Cupping method:

Operation points of flash fire method: ignite with alcohol cotton ball clamped with tweezers, circle in the tank and then draw it out; Quickly cover the tank on the part to be pulled out, and then it can be sucked.

Application of cupping:

1. After the jar is adsorbed on the body surface, the jar is pulled out and retained at the operation site, generally for 5 ~ 10 minutes; It is mainly used for wind cold dampness arthralgia, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

2. Apply Wanhua oil at the mouth of the can, hold the bottom of the can, push and pull up and down for several times until the skin is flushed; Used for large and muscular parts, such as waist and back; It is mostly used for colds, coughs and other diseases.

3. After the flash can is pulled out, get up immediately and pull it out repeatedly until the skin is flushed; Mostly used for facial paralysis.

4. To puncture collaterals and cupping, use plum blossom needle or triangular needle to knock or prick locally to bleed; Then cupping to make the bleeding in the jar 3 ~ 5 ml; It is mainly used for acne and other skin diseases.

What is the function of cupping

Cupping precautions:

1. Operation taboo do not burn the mouth of the cupboard when pulling out the cupboard, otherwise it will burn the skin; The retention time should not exceed 20 minutes, otherwise it will damage the skin.

2. Contraindications: skin allergy, ulcer, edema, heart, large blood vessels and lower abdomen should not be cupped.

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