What season is Qingming

Qingming Festival is one of the 24 solar terms in China. The time of Qingming Festival is between April 4 and 6 of the Gregorian calendar, so it is in spring.

Since ancient times, Chinese people have the concept of respecting their ancestors and cautiously pursuing the future. Therefore, the tradition of Spring Festival sacrifice has gradually formed in the Qingming Festival. On Tomb Sweeping Day every year, many places hold various commemorative activities in different forms to remember the revolutionary ancestors and commemorate the battle heroes. There are folk customs such as outing, tomb sweeping and ancestor worship.

What season is Qingming

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Qingming Festival has both natural and humanistic connotations. It is not only one of the "24 solar terms", but also a traditional ancestor worship Festival.

"Twenty four solar terms" is the product of ancient agricultural civilization. It not only plays a guiding role in agricultural production, but also affects the ancients' clothing, food, housing and transportation, and even cultural concepts. The "24 solar terms" were originally determined by the rotation direction of the handle of the Big Dipper seven stars. The Big Dipper seven stars rotate in a cycle, which is closely related to the 24 solar terms. In different seasons and different times, the Big Dipper will point to different directions, which has become the basis for people to judge the changes of seasonal solar terms in ancient times.

Qingming Festival is the most grand ancestor worship festival of the Chinese nation. It is a traditional cultural festival that respects ancestors and pursues the future carefully. Qingming Festival embodies the national spirit, inherits the sacrificial culture of Chinese civilization, and expresses people's moral feelings of respecting their ancestors and ancestors and following their aspirations.

Tomb sweeping is the "Tomb sacrifice", which is called the "respect for thinking about the time" to our ancestors. There have been two sacrifices in the spring and Autumn period since ancient times. Qingming Festival has a long history, which originates from the ancestors' beliefs and Spring Festival rites and customs in ancient times. Tomb sacrifice is the synthesis and sublimation of traditional Spring Festival customs. The formulation of the ancient Ganzhi calendar provided a prerequisite for the formation of festivals. Ancestral belief and sacrificial culture are important factors in the formation of ancestral rites and customs in Qingming.

What season is Qingming

Qingming Festival is rich in customs, which can be summarized into two major Festival Traditions: first, respect our ancestors and follow the distance carefully; Second, go outing and get close to nature. Qingming Festival not only has the theme of sweeping, remembrance and remembrance, but also has the theme of outing and pleasure.

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