The moral of Gardenia

Gardenia represents pure, strong and eternal love. Gardenia flowers are white and look very clean, so it means purity; The green leaves of Gardenia are evergreen all the year round. They have experienced wind and frost without withering, representing strength; Gardenia from the growth of pregnant buds to flowering, just because of an agreement in summer, and wait so long, so it also represents eternal love.

The moral of Gardenia

Gardenia introduction:

Gardenia jasminoides is also known as Mudan, fresh branch, Chenzi, Yuetao, shuihengzhi, Zhizi flower, mountain gardenia, yellow chicken, yellow catkin, Yellow Gardenia, Yellow Gardenia, Yellow Gardenia, mountain gardenia, jade lotus, white toad flower and yutangchun. Gardenia has luxuriant branches and leaves, evergreen leaves in four seasons, and fragrant and elegant flowers. It is suitable for front steps, pool banks and roadside configurations. It can also be used as hedgerow and potted ornamental. The flowers can also be used for flower arrangement and decoration.

The moral of Gardenia

Gardenia for whom:

Gardenia is very good for friends and family. You can also give it to your lover, because it has eternal meaning and can just represent the sincere, pure and eternal love between two people.

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