Are millipedes poisonous

Millipedes are poisonous. Millipedes do not bite people, but when touching and fiddling with them, they can secrete toxins that can cause local irritation. In severe cases, they can cause obvious erythema, herpes and necrosis. Some millipedes emit an unpleasant, irritating secretion that can cause severe conjunctival reactions.

Are millipedes poisonous

Introduction to millipede:

Millipede, also known as Malu, is a terrestrial arthropod. It is about 20 ~ 35mm long, dark brown, red yellow on both sides of the back and walking limbs. Its body shape is cylindrical or long flat, which is divided into head and trunk, with a pair of thick and short tentacles on its head; The trunk is composed of many somites, many of which can reach hundreds.

Malu can eject liquid with pungent smell and come out day and night. It mostly inhabits wet cultivated land, or litter piles, rubble and stones. It moves slowly. It often marches in groups. It is herbivorous, eats more humus, and sometimes damages crops.

Are millipedes poisonous

Methods to eliminate millipedes:

1. Sprinkling quicklime on the millipede habitat or burning it directly can quickly and effectively eliminate them.

2. Kill millipedes manually, find millipede activities and breeding nests, and kill them with boiled water, so that they will all burn to death.

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