What's the nickname of chicory

Chicory is also called chicory, bitter cabbage, casny, wrinkled leaf chicory, bright eye cabbage, coffee radish, coffee grass, etc.

Chicory is a perennial herb of Chicory in the Compositae family, with a height of 40-100 cm. Stems erect, solitary, branches spreading or extremely spreading, all stems and branches green, ribbed, covered with very sparse long and curved rough or setose or few glabrous. Originating in Europe, it is widely used as sugar raw materials for feed and vegetables abroad.

What's the nickname of chicory

Chicory was introduced into China in the late 1970s. After more than ten years of experimental observation, it has been proved that chicory has strong adaptability, easy cultivation, fresh and tender leaves, good palatability and high nutritional value. It can be used for many years at one time, with a utilization period of up to 8 months and high yield. It is a high-quality green feed with great development prospects for all kinds of livestock, poultry and fish.

Chicory likes warm and humid climate, with strong heat resistance, cold resistance and regeneration. When the temperature reaches minus 3-5 degrees in winter, the leaf color is still dark green. During the whole growth and development period, sufficient water is required, but the field cannot accumulate water, otherwise it will rot roots. It has lax requirements for the soil and likes fertile soil (ph5-8). It has strong adaptability and strong stress resistance.

What's the nickname of chicory

Chicory has been recorded by poets as early as the ancient Roman period. It is eaten as food. Now it is also commonly used in French cooking. Chicory has certain medicinal value, especially for anorexia and edema.

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