What does express fail to sign in

It means: if the express arrives locally on the same day and is not delivered normally, the express returns to the express warehouse again. When the warehousing record is scanned again, there will be a failed sign in entry scan.

For the specific reasons for the failure to sign in, you need to consult the courier company of the sender or the blocking party, and query the details of this piece through the intranet of the courier company. The reasons for general failure to sign in include: exceeding the delivery range; The recipient cannot be contacted; The address is not detailed; Wrong hair.

What does express fail to sign in

Sign in entry failed, mostly due to unsuccessful delivery. The courier has scanned the delivery, but the courier cannot contact the recipient when delivering. At this time, the courier will mark the express information as failed to sign in when taking back the express point, but the delivery will continue the next day. Therefore, if the courier contacts you and delivers the express the next day, the signing in will be successful.

If you haven't received a call from the express company the next day, you can take the initiative to contact the express company to inquire about the reason why the courier can't contact the recipient and find a solution.

What does express fail to sign in

When the recipient is temporarily absent and cannot find another person to collect, it is necessary to entrust the express outlet to save it for a period of time. Such express will also be marked as failed to sign after the delivery time.

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