Difference between recipient and CC

The difference between the recipient and the CC is that the recipient is the main object of the email to be sent, and the CC just let them know the content of the email by the way, not as a key point. The purpose of CC is to focus on the matters arranged in the email. The CC only needs to know and does not make a key notice. Whether it is the recipient or the sender, the content of the received email is the same.

Difference between recipient and CC

What are recipients:

The recipient refers to the person who receives the mail directly, representing the readers of the mail. It can be zero or more.

What is a CC:

E-mail CC refers to sending e-mail to people other than the recipient at the same time. A copy of the e-mail written by the user is sent to others, and the other party can see the e-mail of the user. Like the recipient address bar, it cannot exceed 1024 characters. CC means that the recipient can reply (e-mail), can't reply (e-mail), and can't read the e-mail.

Difference between recipient and CC

Why is there a CC person:

The original e-mail system did not support sending to multiple recipients at the same time. Therefore, another column is set, in which several additional recipients can be added.

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