Do pandas Hibernate? Why

Giant pandas do not hibernate, which is not the reason why they are afraid of cold. It is mainly because they take bamboo as their staple food, and bamboo will not wither in winter. Therefore, giant pandas will not lack food in winter, which is often the key factor for a constant temperature mammal to hibernate.

Do pandas Hibernate? Why

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Giant pandas are carnivorous animals of the genus Ailuropoda of the family Ursidae. They are the only mammals of the family Ursidae, the subfamily Ailuropoda and the genus Ailuropoda. They are known as "living fossils" and "national treasures of China". They are first-class protected animals in China.

Do pandas Hibernate? Why

Giant panda is an endemic species in China. Its main habitat is the mountainous areas of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. Its head and body are 1.2 ~ 1.8m long, its tail is 10 ~ 12cm long, its skin is thick, its body is plump, its head is round and its tail is short, and the male individual is slightly larger than the female; Round cheeks, large black circles under the eyes and black-and-white body color are conducive to hiding in dense trees and snow covered ground, which is not easy to be found by natural enemies.

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