He Zhizhang's nickname

He Zhizhang's nickname: Poetry mania. He Zhizhang, with the word Ji Zhen, was named "Siming madman" in his later years. He was born in Yongxing, Yuezhou (now Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province). He was a poet and calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty. Together with Zhang Ruoxu, Zhang Xu and Bao Rong, they are called "four scholars in Wuzhong", listed as "ten friends of Xianzong" and listed as one of the "Eight Immortals in drinking" by Du Fu.

He Zhizhang's nickname

Extended data:

As an important poet in the early Tang Dynasty, he Zhizhang's poetry plays a certain guiding role in the healthy development of Tang poetry, has exemplary significance for the practice of poetry creation in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, has a great effect on the prosperity of Tang poetry, and has made outstanding contributions to the development and prosperity of Tang poetry.

He Zhizhang's poems are good at quatrains. In addition to the movement of sacrificing gods and poems to be made, he Zhizhang's scenery and lyric works have a unique style, calm, light and interesting. The greatest success of his poems is that they reflect and express the most essential thing in social life, that is, human lover, and write a kind of emotion shared by human beings and with a specific direction, such as two occasional books on returning home.

He Zhizhang's nickname

He Zhizhang inherited and carried forward Chen Ziang's spirit of advocating "Wei and Jin style", pursuing "Bixing sustenance" and advocating "human lover's nature", made a bold breakthrough in the paradigm of object chanting poetry advocated and practiced by Li Qiao in the early Tang Dynasty, and wrote the famous immortal poem "Yong Liu".

Due to his prosperous life, smooth career and broad-minded personality, he Zhizhang has no cynical and sad life experience in his poetry. Even if there is melancholy, the tone is optimistic and open-minded, and his style is elegant, fresh and natural. He Zhizhang's poems are natural and lifelike, with plain language and no carving. They originate from life and are sent from the bottom of his heart.

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