When do peach blossoms bloom

The flowering period of peach blossom is from March to April every year, that is, early spring. The flowering period lasts about 10 days, but because all the flowers don't bloom together, it can last up to 10 days as a whole. And its flowers are very beautiful, light red, competing with each other, very beautiful.

When do peach blossoms bloom

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Peach blossom, the blooming flower of peach tree, belongs to Rosaceae. The leaves are elliptic and lanceolate, and the drupe is nearly spherical. It is mainly divided into fruit peach and flower peach. Peach blossom is native to central and Northern China. It has been widely planted in temperate countries and regions in the world. Its propagation is mainly grafting.

Peach blossom can be made into peach blossom pill, peach blossom tea and other foods. It has high ornamental value and is a common material for literary creation. In addition, the elements in peach blossom have medicinal value of dredging meridians and moistening skin.

When do peach blossoms bloom

The flower language and its representative meaning are: the prisoner of love.

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