Where is the origin of Ru kiln

Ru kiln is named for its production in Ruzhou. The kiln is located in Qingliangsi village, Daying Town, Baofeng County, Henan Province. Ru porcelain ranks first among the five famous kilns "Ru, Guan, Ge, Jun and Ding" in the Song Dynasty. It is known as "Ru kiln is the leader" in the history of Chinese ceramics. Ru kiln is one of the famous traditional Chinese porcelain making techniques. It is mainly representative of porcelain in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Where is the origin of Ru kiln

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Ru porcelain is simple and generous in shape, with precious agate as glaze and unique color. It is praised as "agate as glaze from ancient times". The glaze color changes with the light. It looks like "the sky is clear after the rain and the clouds are broken" and "thousands of peaks are green waves". The soil is fine and moist. The green body is like Dong body. Its glaze is thick and sound like chime, bright but not dazzling. It has the characteristics of "pear skin, crab claw and sesame flower". It is called "like jade, not jade, but better jade". Since the song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Ru porcelain wares used in the court have been stored in the internal library. They are regarded as treasures and are more expensive than the Shang, Yi and Zhou Ding.

Where is the origin of Ru kiln

In 1952, Premier Zhou Enlai instructed to "develop the cultural heritage of the motherland and restore Ru kiln production". After hundreds of tests and studies, the first batch of bean green glaze crafts were fired in 1958. In August 1983, the sky blue glaze of Ru kiln was identified by experts, which reached and exceeded the level of Ru kiln in the Song Dynasty. Since then, Ru porcelain has become a business card for people in Ruzhou.

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