What is a lizard man

Lizard man is a family of suspected alien creatures. It is also a conspiracy theory, which is carried forward from the British writer David Vaughn Ike. He used to be a sports commentator on the BBC and a spokesman for the green party in Britain. He developed a theory that lizards control the world. This theory was actually born in the 1990s and has a short history. In China, netizens use it to ridicule Boris as a lizard man, more with the meaning of ridicule.

What is a lizard man

There has always been such a stem abroad: lizard conspiracy theory. The content of conspiracy theory is that all ethnic groups have reptile totem worship, such as Chinese Worship dragons and Indians worship snakes. This is actually because an alien race with the appearance of lizards came to the earth in the ancient times of mankind and mixed with ancient humans. These half lizards and half humans became later kings, royalty and dignitaries and ruled the earth. Until now, many celebrities who control the world are lizards.

What is a lizard man

Related Legends:

In the United States, some people claim to have seen "lizard man". In the swamp area on the outskirts of beaville, South Carolina, people have witnessed a half human and half animal "lizard man" 12 times. It is up to 2 meters tall, has a pair of red eyes, is covered with thick green scales, and has only three fingers in each hand. It walks upright with great strength. It can easily overturn a car and run faster than a car, up to 65 kilometers per hour.

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