What does www mean

Www means laughing in the network language. In Japanese, laughing is written as "laughing", taking the initial letter W of its initial sound (WA) and writing it as WWW means laughing. In addition, WWW is also the abbreviation of World Wide Web, also known as web, 3W, etc. WWW is a combination of information discovery technology and Hypertext Technology Based on client / server mode.

What does www mean

1. Show laughter

W in some cases, it expresses expressions and emotions such as smile, happiness and joy. It is usually used by teenagers and other people who like ACG. It has the effect of selling cute. W in Japanese, laughter is read as Wara, so w is the abbreviation of laughter. W can be used multiple times to express laughter, similar to 233333333. W is usually used as the end of a sentence. If that's great w, you're really cute.

What does www mean

2. Short for World Wide Web

WWW is short for World Wide Web. WWW server organizes information into illustrated hypertext through hypertext markup language (HTML), and uses links to jump from one site to another. In this way, it completely gets rid of the restriction that query tools can only find information step by step according to a specific path.

"Www" has been translated into "global network", "global information network" and "hypermedia global information network" in China, and finally translated into "World Wide Web" by the national science and technology terminology examination and Approval Committee.

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