Where is the King Kong River Bridge

The jingangchuan bridge is on the jingangchuan Yanli ferry. In the Jincheng campaign to resist US aggression and aid Korea in the summer of 1953, Zhang Zhenzhi, company commander of the 9th company of the 3rd Battalion of the 3rd regiment of the Chinese people's volunteer military corps, withstood the fierce attack of 2500 shells from enemy planes and commanded soldiers to build a "bridge of life" on the Yanli ferry of Kumgang Chuan.

Where is the King Kong River Bridge

Jin Gangchuan is a river located in North Korea. There is a bridge on the river. The bridge leads to the battle front at that time. The geographical location is very important, and the maximum width can reach 60 meters. It is a strategic artery for transporting manpower and materials. Therefore, it has become a landmark with fierce competition between the two sides of the war.

Where is the King Kong River Bridge

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In the Jincheng campaign to resist US aggression and aid Korea, in order to win the war, we must build a bridge on the Kumgang River and protect it. In this regard, Zhang Zhenzhi led the third engineering company to build a load bridge at Yanli ferry to ensure its unimpeded passage. The film "Diamond River" revolves around the construction and destruction of the bridge, as well as between repair and bombing. The film tells the story of how the volunteers went to protect and repair the bridge again and again under the indiscriminate bombardment of American fighter planes, and finally ensure the smooth passage of large troops.

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