What material is environmentally friendly copper

Environmentally friendly copper refers to lead-free brass, that is, the formula contains no or only very small amounts of lead, which can be ignored. Environmentally friendly copper is a lead-free brass product that meets the European Union Rosh environmental protection standard or Japan Sony standard.

Environmental copper includes antimony brass, bismuth brass, tin brass, silicon brass, etc. Antimony, bismuth, tin and silicon are used to replace lead in the original production process.

What material is environmentally friendly copper

Environmental copper performance:

It has excellent cutting and drilling performance, high strength and strong corrosion resistance.

Environmentally friendly copper uses:

1. It is applicable to all kinds of cold heading, bending and riveting parts, connectors and connectors of electronics and telecommunications, and other parts with ecological environmental protection and health and safety requirements.

2. It is suitable for automatic lathes and CNC lathes to process products with ecological environmental protection and health and safety requirements, such as electronics, telecommunications, electrical connectors, connectors of photographic appliances, parts of household appliances, hardware and drinking water projects, casting, hot and cold forming and free cutting parts manufacturing of automobile parts.

What material is environmentally friendly copper

Extended content:

Brass is divided into six categories and nine varieties.

Ordinary brass: H90, H80, H68, H62.

Lead brass: HPb59-1.

Manganese brass: hmn58-2.

Silicon brass: HSi80-3.

Nickel brass: hni65-5.

Aluminum brass: hal60-1-1.

Ordinary brass is a binary alloy of copper and zinc. Special brass (lead brass, manganese brass, silicon brass, nickel brass and aluminum brass) is made by adding other alloy elements on the basis of copper zinc binary alloy.

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