The difference between shrews and mice

The differences between shrews and mice are:

1. Shrews are smaller than mice.

2. Shrews have developed forepaws and underdeveloped hind limbs. On the contrary, mice have quite developed hind limbs and can jump out of a distance more than 10 times their body size.

3. Shrews can't see their ears, and their eyes are very small. The mouse's ears are very obvious.

4. The tail of a mouse is long and thin, and the shrew is short.

The difference between shrews and mice

Shrew introduction:

Shrews belong to the shrew family of shrew order. They live on earthworms and insects. Although they look very much like mice, they have nothing to do with each other.

It is the earliest placental animal. It was produced in the Mesozoic Cretaceous. It is the smallest mammal in the world. Its body length is only 4 ~ 6cm, its tail length is 4 ~ 5cm, its eyes are small, its vision is poor, its hearing and smell are developed, and its outer ear shell is not obvious.

The difference between shrews and mice

Introduction to mouse:

Mice are rodents of Mammalia, rodents and rodentidae, commonly known as "mice". The mode of reproduction is viviparous. They are the animals with the fastest reproduction and strong survival ability among mammals. There are about 480 species of rodents in the world. Their footprints can be seen indoors and outdoors.

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