What does the express site exception mean

The express point exception means that for some reasons, the express site cannot normally send and receive express. For example, the express point is relocated, there are no employees at the express point to dispatch, data exceptions, etc. In this case, you can call the express customer service phone to urge the delivery or go to the express site to get it yourself.

What does the express site exception mean

Express mail is abnormal. Generally speaking, it is mainly because the local courier failed to deliver the goods within the specified time limit for various reasons. It is necessary to tell the delivery express company in order to timely notify the sender or recipient.

What does the express site exception mean

Common causes of problems are:

1. Telephone problem: the information filled in the face sheet is wrong, or the receiving phone is turned off, unable to connect, or temporarily shut down, resulting in the courier being unable to get in touch at the time of delivery.

2. Address problem: the address is not detailed, the address is wrong, the address is a large school, company, etc. no one can be found.

3. The damaged parts are short. It may break in the hands of the courier, and there are many fruits.

4. The customer asked to change the address. Sometimes the sender will ask the courier not to send it and change it to another place.

5. Rejected by the customer.

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