Difference between paper clay and super light clay

The differences between paper clay and ultra light clay are:

1. The fiber of paper clay is relatively coarse and not delicate. After drying, it is easy to have fine lines, crack and break. Ultra light paper clay is bubble mud, light soil, very delicate, very light after drying, not fragile and multi-color.

2. Paper clay is suitable for making dolls, dolls, brooches, hair ornaments, relief wall ornaments, mirror frames, imitation flowers, etc. It is an excellent material for making baby's hand and foot prints, because it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and does no harm to baby's skin. The use of ultra light paper clay can freely make various types of objects and wrap them outside other objects. Because of its smooth surface and extremely light mass, it is an ideal material for making doll dolls.

Difference between paper clay and super light clay

Introduction to paper clay:

Paper clay is a kind of clay. It is made of pulp mixed with resin and clay. It is cheaper than other clays. It is common kneading materials like surface soil and clay. After adding water, pinching and using various tools, the paper clay will change into different shapes, but it can't change its shape after drying. Paper clay is generally used to make clay figurines, trinkets, paintings, etc.

Difference between paper clay and super light clay

Introduction to ultra light clay:

Super light clay is a kind of paper clay, referred to as super light clay for short. It is easier and more comfortable to knead and shape, and its works are very cute. It is popular in Japan. It is a new type of environmental friendly, non-toxic and natural air-dried manual modeling material rising in Japan. It is mainly made of polymer foaming powder (vacuum microsphere) for foaming, and then physically mixed with polyethanol, crosslinking agent, glycerol, pigment and other materials in a certain proportion.

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