What does Merci mean on the clothes

Merci means thank you, thank you, equivalent to English thanks. Merci is a French word, pronunciation: / M ɛʁ. si/。 Although this is a French word, it is also often used in English, which can reflect elegance and self-cultivation.

Other definitions of Merci:

1. Mercy means mercy, for example: Explorer [demander] merci. Beg for mercy.

2. Thank you, for example: Dietes Lui mill Merci [UN grand Merci] de Ma part. Please say thank you to him.

3. Be at the mercy of, eg: tenir QN à SA merci. Dominate sb at will.

What does Merci mean on the clothes

Example: Yans can be found with bankers declaring "Merci Sarkozy" but the French seem less immediately acceptable.

In Libya, you can see a banner that says "thank you Sarkozy", but the French don't seem to express appreciation.

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