The origin of Cornus officinalis

Dogwood comes from a fairy story: it is said that in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a young man in the village named Huan Jing. He led the villagers to work together, and the village was harmonious and beautiful. However, on the ninth day of September, the west of the village will be covered with dark clouds, and a plague devil will emerge from the dark clouds. The plague devil spewed poison gas towards the village, and all the people in the village fainted, including Huan Jing. Huan Jing woke up and found that his parents had been poisoned by poison gas. He was extremely sad and angry. He vowed to get rid of the plague devil and avenge his parents.

So Huan Jing left his hometown and went to Xianshan to learn from his teacher. He begged all the way, waded through mountains and rivers, dressed in rags, climbed the thousand steps of Xianshan mountain, and finally moved the immortal. The immortal was willing to accept Huanjing as an apprentice and teach him the method of eliminating plague and demons. Huan Jing studied hard for more than ten years and finally got the method of eliminating plague. When leaving Xianshan, the immortal told Huanjing to remember to fill the village with Cornus when the plague devil came. On the ninth day of September, Huan Jing returned to the village and filled it with Cornus according to the immortal's instructions. The plague devil came again, but the dogwood in the village gave off a strong smell. The plague devil could not get close. Huan Jing took the opportunity to draw his sword and killed the plague devil with one sword. Since then, on the ninth Double Ninth Festival in September, people will insert dogwood to ward off evil spirits and avoid demons.

The origin of Cornus officinalis

The custom of inserting dogwood on the Double Ninth Festival was very common in the Tang Dynasty. The ancients believed that inserting Cornus on the Double Ninth Festival could take refuge and eliminate disasters; Or wear it on your arm, or make a sachet, put dogwood in it, and insert it on your head. Most of them are worn by women and children. In some places, men also wear them. Wearing dogwood on the Double Ninth Festival is recorded in Ge Hong's miscellaneous notes on the western classics of the Jin Dynasty.

The origin of Cornus officinalis

Cornus officinalis is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. It is a small evergreen tree. The tree can almost grow to more than ten feet high. Its leaves are pinnately compound leaves. In early summer, it opens small green and white flowers and is as strong as pepper. When it matures in autumn, the fruit is yellow when tender and turns purplish red when mature. Cornus officinalis has a strong fragrance, which can expel insects, dampness and wind evil, eliminate accumulated food and treat cold and heat.

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