What does contactless delivery mean

Contactless distribution is to place the goods at the designated location, such as the company's front desk, at the door or in the designated self-service dining cabinet, through the agreement between the rider and the user, so as to reduce face-to-face contact and ensure the safe distribution of users and riders in the meal receiving link. Zero communication and communication throughout the whole process, and only take the meal at the designated place.

What does contactless delivery mean

Selection method:

Choose the goods you need on the takeout platform. Then enter the payment page and fill in the address. There is a column of remarks at the bottom. You can indicate that there is no contact distribution in the remarks. Send the takeout goods to the designated positions such as the door of the community and the front desk of the company.

After the remarks are completed, submit the order as usual, pay, and then wait for picking up. If the community is closed and the delivery personnel cannot deliver to the designated place, they will be contacted by telephone and can ask to pick up the goods at other places again.

What does contactless delivery mean

Expand knowledge:

Contactless distribution refers to placing goods at designated locations, such as the company's front desk and door, to ensure the safety of users and riders in the meal receiving process by reducing face-to-face contact. Ensure that only one order is served at a time, avoid the risk of cross infection caused by order matching, and add a layer of guarantee for safe delivery.

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