Zhanger rice paper size

The specification of one Zhang two Chi rice paper is 367 cm long and 144 cm wide. Rice paper, as one of the traditional Chinese papermaking processes, is a traditional Chinese classical calligraphy and painting paper. In 2006, the art was listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

Zhanger rice paper size

Extended data:

Rice paper was originally produced in Jing County, Anhui Province (originally Ningguo Prefecture, so it is called "rice paper" in the name of governing Xuancheng by the government). Now it is mainly produced in Jing County, Anhui Province. It is the paper used for writing and painting in ancient China. Rice paper provides a material guarantee for the diversity of ink and wash and vivid calligraphy and painting, and promotes the development of Chinese calligraphy and painting art. Calligraphy and painting art works rely on rice paper.

Zhanger rice paper size

Standard size of rice paper (the following unit is cm):

1. Three foot full open: 100 x 55, three foot single strip: 100 x 27.

2. Three foot horizontal batch: 100 x 55, three foot couplet: 100 x 27.

3. Three foot bucket: 55 x 50

4. Four foot full opening: 138 x 69, four foot single strip: 138 x 34.

5. Four foot horizontal: 138 x 69, four foot couplet: 138 x 34.

6. Four foot square: 69 x 68, four foot three open: 69 x 46.

7. Four foot four open: 69 x 34, four foot six open: 46 x 34.

8. Four foot eight open: 35 x 34

9. Five foot full open: 153 x 84, five foot single: 153 x 42.

10. Five foot horizontal: 153 x 84, five foot couplet: 153 x 42.

11. Five foot bucket: 84 x 77

12. Six foot full opening: 180 x 97, six foot three opening: 97 x 60.

13. Six foot couplet: 180 x 49, six foot square: 97 x 90.

14. Seven foot full open: 238 x 129.

15. Eight foot full open: 248 x 129.

16. Eight foot screen: 234 x 53.

17. One foot two feet: 367 x 144.

18. One foot six feet: 503 x 193.

19. One foot eight feet: 600 x 248.

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