What does the gyta cable code mean

Gyta optical cable code refers to ordinary outdoor loose layer stranded optical cable, armored. It is an outdoor optical cable, which can be overhead or buried. The center of gyta cable core is a metal reinforced core. For optical cables with some cores, a layer of polyethylene needs to be extruded outside the metal reinforced core. The loose tube is twisted around the central reinforcing core to form a compact and circular cable core, and the gap in the cable core is filled with water blocking filler. Plastic coated aluminum tape is longitudinally wrapped and extruded with polyethylene sheath to form a cable.

What does the gyta cable code mean

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Optical cable is manufactured to meet the optical, mechanical or environmental performance specifications. It is a communication cable component that uses one or more optical fibers placed in the sheath as the transmission medium and can be used alone or in groups. The optical cable is mainly composed of optical fiber (glass fiber as thin as hair), plastic protective sleeve and plastic skin. There are no gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals in the optical cable, which generally has no recycling value.

What does the gyta cable code mean

Optical cable is a communication line in which a certain number of optical fibers form a cable core in a certain way, which is wrapped with a sheath, and some are also covered with an outer sheath to realize optical signal transmission. That is, the cable formed by optical fiber (optical transmission carrier) through certain process. The basic structure of optical cable is generally composed of cable core, reinforcing steel wire, filler and sheath. In addition, there are waterproof layer, buffer layer, insulated metal conductor and other components as required.

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