When was the first international drug control convention in the world

The International Opium Convention is the first international drug control treaty, which was signed in the Hague on January 23, 1912. The United States, together with 13 other countries, held a meeting on the International Opium Convention in Shanghai in 1909. The meeting reached a consensus on increasing condemnation of the international opium trade.

When was the first international drug control convention in the world

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The International Drug Advisory Committee signed the revised International Opium Convention in Geneva on February 19, 1925. The signatory countries include the United States, China, France, Britain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Iran, Portugal, Russia and Siam.

When was the first international drug control convention in the world

India and other countries oppose this statement. They say it is difficult to implement the above statement on the grounds of social and religious customs and too extensive marijuana cultivation in the wild. Therefore, the provision did not eventually enter the Convention. A compromise clause: prohibit the export of Indian marijuana to countries that prohibit its use, and the importing country may issue an instrument authorizing the import, affirm that the imported goods "are for medical or scientific purposes", and require the State Party to "effectively control the motivation of import in order to stop the illegal international transportation of marijuana, especially in the form of resin". However, the Convention also leaves enough freedom for states to allow the production, domestic trade and use of cannabis for recreational purposes.

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