How long can ATM transfers be cancelled

ATM can be cancelled within 24 hours after transfer, and cannot apply for cancellation after more than 24 hours. The central bank stipulates that from December 2016, individuals can apply to the issuer to cancel the transfer within 24 hours after the issuer accepts the transfer. If the user needs to cancel the transfer, first call the bank's customer service phone to manually apply for suspension of the transaction, and then go to the bank counter with his ID card, bank card and transfer certificate.

How long can ATM transfers be cancelled

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ATM is also called ATM (abbreviation of automated teller machine), which means automatic teller machine. Because most of it is used for withdrawal, it is also called ATM. It is a highly precise mechatronics device, which uses magnetic code card or smart card to realize self-service of financial transactions and replace the work of bank counter personnel.

How long can ATM transfers be cancelled

It can withdraw cash, query deposit balance, transfer funds between accounts, query balance, etc; It can also carry out cash deposit (real-time entry), check deposit (domestic none), supplementary registration of passbook, intermediary business, etc. Cardholders can use credit cards or savings cards to handle automatic withdrawal, balance inquiry, transfer, cash deposit, supplementary registration of passbook, fund purchase, password change, mobile phone bill payment and other businesses according to their passwords.

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