Which salt farm is the southeast salt warehouse

Southeast salt warehouse refers to the bag salt field among the three salt fields. Cloth bag salt farm is the largest salt farm in Taiwan Province. On the southwest coast of Taiwan Island. The beach here is straight, the terrain is gentle and inclined, and the winter half year is dry with little rain. It often doesn't rain for two or three months. The sunshine is sufficient and the monsoon is strong, which is very favorable for drying sea salt. It is the only ideal shore section for drying sea salt in Taiwan.

Which salt farm is the southeast salt warehouse

At present, from Lugang in the south of Dawei River to wushulin near Kaohsiung, there are a series of salt fields with a total area of more than 4000 hectares, of which the five salt fields of bubao, Qigu, Beimen, Tainan and Kaohsiung are the most famous. Bubao salt field is near bubao town in the west of Jiayi county. Although its salt field area is less than that of Beimen salt field, its annual output is much higher than that of Beimen salt field.

Which salt farm is the southeast salt warehouse

The salt content of seawater here is more than 35%, which is about seven times that outside the Yangtze River Estuary. It is one of the waters with the highest salinity in China. The salinity of seawater around bubao is very high, mainly because of the wide distribution of sandy beaches, the small amount of fresh water injected into rivers, the long sunshine time throughout the year, high temperature and fast evaporation, resulting in a relatively high concentration of seawater.

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