What does the graphics card lock driver mean

Graphics card lock driver means the program used to drive the graphics card. It is the software corresponding to the hardware.

A driver is a small piece of code added to the operating system that contains information about the hardware device. Generally, there is a driver for the graphics card in the accessory CD configured by the computer, which can be installed directly.

It should be noted that some games need special graphics card support, so first make sure that the game is not very new or the graphics card is not particularly old.

What does the graphics card lock driver mean

Graphics card lock drive:

The graphics card driver is the software used to drive the program of the graphics card. With this software, the computer can communicate with the device. The driver is a configuration file written by the hardware manufacturer according to the operating system. It can be said that without the driver, the hardware in the computer cannot work.

What does the graphics card lock driver mean

Different operating systems have different hardware drivers. In order to ensure hardware compatibility and enhance hardware functions, various hardware manufacturers will constantly upgrade drivers.

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