WiFi login requires authentication. What's going on

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Mobile phone model: iPhone 12

System version: ios14

1. First, check whether the wireless router works normally. You can use other mobile phones or digital products to connect the WiFi signal. If you can connect and surf the Internet normally, generally speaking, the router can work normally.

2. The phone turns on hibernation and turns off the network. Check whether the mobile phone turns on the option to turn off the network in the sleep state. The mobile phone will be disconnected after a period of time or cannot receive the background chat software. The possible reason is that the mobile phone sleep off network function is turned on by mistake.

3. If you use the router for a long time, the router may fake death. Restart the wireless router.

WiFi login requires authentication. What's going on

Wireless network is a technology that can connect personal computers, handheld devices (such as PDA, mobile phone) and other terminals to each other wirelessly. Wi Fi is a brand of wireless network communication technology, which is owned by the Wi Fi alliance. The purpose is to improve the interoperability between wireless network products based on IEEE802.11 standard. Some people call the LAN using IEEE 802.11 series protocols as wireless fidelity. Even equate wireless fidelity with wireless Internet (Wi Fi is an important part of WLAN).

WiFi login requires authentication. What's going on

However, the wireless fidelity signal is also provided by the wired network, such as ADSL at home and cell broadband. As long as a wireless router is connected, the wired signal can be converted into wireless fidelity signal. In many developed countries, cities are covered with wireless fidelity signals provided by governments or large companies for residents to use. In China, many places have implemented wireless urban projects to promote this technology. In the pilot cities where 4G licenses are not issued, many places use 4G to wireless fidelity for citizens to try.

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