What is sorghum malt candy made of

Sorghum malt candy is made of high-quality white granulated sugar, starch, maltose syrup, water and sorghum powder. Sorghum malt, collectively referred to as maltose, is a specialty of Shandong and a traditional famous brand soft candy. It has always been famous for its three properties of "elasticity, toughness and softness". It tastes sticky, sweet and refreshing. It is made of traditional technology, equipment and slow fire; With the characteristics of delicate organization, toughness, slightly sweet and delicious, it has become a famous product in Shandong specialty.

What is sorghum malt candy made of

Sorghum malt in Shandong is a traditional famous brand soft candy, which has always been famous for its three properties of "elasticity, toughness and softness". It doesn't stick to your teeth. It's sweet and refreshing. Sorghum malt uses high-quality sorghum starch to adjust milk, refined granulated sugar to pulp, and then boiled with an appropriate amount of organic acid for a long time to produce a variety of sugars and enzymes beneficial to human body. In addition to sorghum starch, mung bean, corn, sweet potato and other starch can also be refined into jadeite malt, mung bean malt, pearl malt and other varieties.

What is sorghum malt candy made of

In recent years, many new varieties of designs and colors and rose malt with rose flavor have been created. Mint malt, cough relieving Beiling malt and Lingqiao cold malt with the characteristics of cooling thirst and producing saliva have a certain medical effect on the prevention and treatment of cough, cold and cold.

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