What is the world's first permanent polar station?

The first permanent polar station in the world is the alcades station. Orcadas station is the Antarctic scientific research station opened by Argentina and the first Antarctic Research Station in the world; The base has 11 buildings and four main research topics: Continental glaciology, seismology, marine Glaciology (since 1985) and meteorological observation (since 1903).

What is the world's first permanent polar station?

Extended data:

Olkadas station, a scientific research station with limited capacity, can accommodate 45 people in summer and only 14 people in winter. Because generally, houses living in the polar regions are not made of cement and are spliced with steel plates one by one. The temperature difference in the Antarctic is relatively large. If cement is used, it is easy to expand and contract with heat and cold, resulting in cracking, and the durability is not very strong.

What is the world's first permanent polar station?

Every year, many countries will establish scientific investigation stations in the Antarctic and Arctic, which can lay a foundation for the future development of polar investigation and make great contributions to national scientific research.

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