What season is lightning and thunder

Lightning and thunder are generally in summer and early autumn. Of course, this phenomenon will also occur in other seasons, but it rarely occurs. In case of thunder and lightning, do not stand high, under trees or at the corner of buildings to take shelter from the rain. At the same time, do not walk barefoot, answer or make calls, touch wires, etc. to avoid accidental injury.

What season is lightning and thunder

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What to do in case of lightning and thunder outdoors: stop outdoor activities immediately, pay attention to the landform, don't stay on the top of the mountain or high hill, don't walk or stand in the open field, look for lightning protection places as soon as possible, and you can take shelter in low-lying, dry or leeward rooms or caves, but you can't enter the shacks Low buildings without lightning protection facilities such as sentry boxes shall be sheltered.

What season is lightning and thunder

You should squat on the ground with your hands on your knees, keep your chest close to your knees, and look down at the ground, because your head is most vulnerable to lightning. Never support the ground with your hands, which will expand the range of contact between your body and the ground and increase the risk of lightning. Don't take shelter from the rain under the big tree, because standing under the big tree, when the strong lightning current flows into the ground and spreads around through the big tree, different voltages will be generated in different places, and there is a voltage difference between the two feet of the human body, which can cause injury, which is called step voltage injury.

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