What is the area of the football field

The size of the standard football field stipulated by FIFA is 105 meters * 68 meters, with an area of 7140 square meters. The length of football field runway is divided into 200m and 400m, and each type has different area according to the number of runways. If the runway of 200 meters is 5250-11000 square meters. If it is 400 meters, the runway is 11250-17280 square meters. Because the football field has no fixed size value, the square area of the football field is also different.

What is the area of the football field

Size introduction:

1. The playing field must be rectangular and the length of the sideline must be longer than the length of the goal line.

Length: 90 meters (100 yards) minimum and 120 meters (130 yards) maximum.

Width: 45 meters (50 yards) minimum and 90 meters (100 yards) maximum.

2. International competition standards

Length: 100 meters (110 yards) minimum and 110 meters (120 yards) maximum.

Width: 64 meters (70 yards) minimum and 75 meters (80 yards) maximum.

Field size: the playing field must be rectangular, and the length of the sideline must be longer than the length of the goal line. The length is 90-120 meters (100-130 yards) and the width is 45-90 meters (50-60 yards).

International competition: length 100-110 meters (110-120 yards) and width 64-75 meters (70-80 yards).

World Cup final stage: 105 meters long (about 115 yards) and 68 meters wide (about 74 yards).

What is the area of the football field

Extended data:

Football is a ball game. It also refers to the ball used in football matches. Ancient football originated in China and modern football originated in Britain. It is considered to be the first sport in the world and the most influential single sport in the global sports world.

In the modern standard football game, the two teams send 10 players and 1 goalkeeper, a total of 11 people, to fight and attack on the rectangular grass court. The purpose of a football match is to try to shoot the football into the opponent's goal. You can get a point for each goal. When the game is over, the team with more points will win.

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