What part is a scorpion

Cattle scorpions are the vertebrae of cattle with meat. Many parts of China have the habit of eating cattle scorpions. In fact, the so-called cattle scorpions have nothing to do with real scorpions. They are just the spine on the back of cattle, which is named because they are similar in shape to scorpions. Ox scorpion tastes delicious and has high nutritional value. It has obvious nourishing effect after eating.

What part is a scorpion

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Bovine bone is rich in collagen and rich in nutritional value, such as magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate, and also contains a variety of proteins. If boiled with water, it is easy to produce gelatin. It also contains certain fatty substances and fatty acids that can form fat. Eating some bovine bone appropriately can achieve beauty.

What part is a scorpion

Bovine bone also has many effects. Eating some bovine bone can supplement the nutrients needed by the body and achieve the calcium supplement effect, because the content of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate contained in bovine bone is very high, which can play the calcium supplement effect. Beef bones cannot be eaten with leeks, because beef bones can strengthen muscles and bones, replenish qi and blood, and replenish the spleen and stomach. If you eat leeks again, it is easy to cause food poisoning.

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